Why Us?

Designed with your needs and flexibility in mind

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We know that not every recruitment business can afford to hire in-house trainers, and the alternative – sending staff away from the office for off-site training, (with potentially a classroom full of competitor staff) may not be what you are looking for.

Whether you are a sole trader, small business or very large company, Impact Recruitment Training fills the gap.

Our training system is fully modular, interactive, comprehensive and content rich, providing a recruitment eLearning platform, designed specifically with you, the user in mind.

By buying membership licences only when you need them, and no need to send staff away, the costs of training can be dramatically reduced. Your people are able to mix their formal training with on the desk learning, dramatically improving the impact of the training they receive.


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Learn wherever and whenever you like

Log on to your individual account through any internet browser, whether its PC or Mac, tablet or smart phone and learn at your own pace, in your own time, when ever and where ever you like.

Each course reinforces learning with small project tasks and a structured quiz designed to test understanding. For Managers, there is the ability to organise your consultants into groups, allowing you to monitor their performance as they progress through the system.




Memberships only when you need them

Buy just what you need, just when you need it. Each course is available as a 3 month Bronze membership, allowing you to add training just when its needed. Whether its initial training for a new consultant, advanced training for an experienced consultant, or manager level training, modular courses are available at an extremely cost effective price.

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And, to add flexibility, as well as a sensible cost advantage, combinations of courses are available in 6 month Silver, and 12 month Gold memberships, allowing you to plan your training as staff become more experienced, and/or the business grows.


Inclusive monthly Q&A Impact LIVE webinars

Working on a course is only the beginning of the learning experience, and to ensure a better learning outcome, all courses are backed up by live monthly Q&A webinars, where participants are invited to attend, and can discuss issues, seek answers and ensure total understanding.

This feature is unique in the recruitment training industry and is exclusively provided for active Impact Recruitment Training members.