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The power of the database – re-live those old candidates now

Its a really common thing. You work with a really great candidate, you place them into a great job.


You do all the good stuff – the congratulations lunch, the follow up calls, you make them non-active on the database and your job is done.



Of course this person should then become a client and you should work to continue to build the relationship into a really great one for the future. A client for life, if you do it all right.

But, how many of these placed candidates simply get lost into the system. Placed, deaded (nasty term isn’t it), forgotten.

If your database is like any other, then it is likely to be full of amazing information, as well as many, many great candidates not actively looking (well thats what you think).

The shelf life of any job these days is only around 3 years. A year to get your feet under the table, a year to make a difference, and a year to move up or on.

3 years is not a long time, and in the recruitment world it goes in the blinking of an eye. But the truth of this 3 year cycle is that most people who are career orientated are probably starting to think about their next move only 2 years into a role.

Sure that next move may be internally, but then again it may not.

So before you spend resources advertising, headhunting and searching the social media etc, why not start with what you have already got?

It would be silly not to, right?

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