Gold Membership

12 month memberships – our most complete package

Gold is our most complete training package, allowing you to take a new member of staff through a full years training.

Start with New Consultant, and move on to Advanced as their experience grows. Then, when team leadership or management training is needed, move onto the last part of the package.

Ideal for those with constantly growing teams, or for sole traders looking to refresh and improve their on the job skills.

Gold membership is the complete Impact Recruitment Training package at our most cost effective price.


Inclusive monthly Q&A Impact LIVE webinars

Working on a course is only the beginning of the learning experience, and to ensure a better learning outcome, all courses are backed up by live monthly Q&A webinars, where participants are invited to attend, and can discuss issues, seek answers and ensure total understanding.

This feature is unique in the recruitment training industry and is exclusively provided for active Impact Recruitment Training members.