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My Courses

The courses overview page provides you, the user with details of all your active courses and webinars.

Each course allows you to see your progress, at a glance, broken down into:

  • Whether the course has been started or not,
  • The number of modules in the course,
  • The number of modules that have been started,
  • The number of modules completed, and
  • Progress shown by a progress bar.


Course Modules

To make the learning easier, each course is broken down into a number of modules. These modules are then monitored to establish a users progress through the course. The course is completed when all the modules have been worked through and are finished.

Similar to the course overview each module has its own summary.

If a module ends with a quiz then the latest mark for that quiz will be provided along with a status as to whether a pass was attained.

Module Pages

Each module is broken down into a number of pages that the learner works through beforeĀ proceeding to a module quiz (if applicable).

The content for the module is provided in a number of formats to fully aidĀ learning, and these include text, graphs, images and videos.

Further, there are a number of Action Points for users within the modules which help to relate the learning back to your business.

Please click here for Example Course Content

Module Quiz

All main modules finish with a testing quiz that you must pass before the module is marked as complete.

The quizzes are multiple choice and are designed to re-enforce the learning that has just taken place.

On completion of the quiz you will be presented with a summary of your answers, identifying which were answered correctly or incorrectly to help identify areas that need re-visiting.


For Managers and Team Leaders, once you purchase a course or package you gain the ability to create a team of learners, who you can to assign that course or package to.

You are then able to monitor the progress of these learners through the Team Management screen.

Here you can add more users to your team or check on the progress of the courses currently allocated to existing team members.

User Progress

All learners have the ability to monitor their own progress. If you are the leader of a team you can also monitor the progress of the learners within your team.

Progress is broken down by Course showing the overall progress.

From here you are able to monitor individual module progress, which includes:

  • Quiz pass mark,
  • Your last quiz score, and
  • The results for each quiz attempt showing correct and incorrect answers.